Trichy Sankaran

Trichy Sankaran, Percussion virtuoso, composer, Indian music scholar, and founding director of Indian music studies at York University, came to Toronto from India in 1971

“My drumming that was considered exotic and exceptional 40 years ago, when I first arrived in Toronto, is now mainstream and global”

“Fusion should not become confusion. The artiste should know what he’s doing, and why. This is only possible if his foundation is rock-solid and his ideas are rooted in tradition. The bottom line for meaningful fusion is discipline, responsibility and aesthetics.”

-Trichy Sankaran

Professor Trichy Sankaran is a world-renowned percussion virtuoso, Indian music scholar and composer, and the founding director of Indian music studies at York University. Over the years, Prof. Sankaran has bridged eastern and western pedagogical styles and has influenced generations of students who have become noted performers, composers, and music educators themselves. He has made valuable contributions to many scholarly conferences across North America and has published two major books: one on the theory and techniques of South Indian classical drumming, and the other on the Art of Konnakkon (Solkattu).

Trichy Sankaran has performed at major festivals in India, South-East Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. In his 55 years of concert experience in Carnatic music, he has accompanied all top rank artists of India. He has performed in jugalbandhis (North-South combo) with famous Hindusthani musicians. In addition to his usual traditional settings, he has performed with Nexus, gamelan, jazz, electronic, African music ensembles and world drums, as well as his own group, Trichy’s Trio.


As a composer, Trichy Sankaran has to his credit numerous pieces in the genres of gamelan, jazz, traditional western classical orchestra and world music ensembles. He continues to perform and write compositions for contemporary and world music ensembles. He has received numerous honours and awards for his contributions to University teaching and artistic excellence in the professional field.

Professor Sankaran has published numerous articles, as well as two major textbooks:The Rhythmic Principals and Practice of South Indian Drumming and The Art of Konnakkol.


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