Heritage Diversity Stories

Heritage Diversity Stories is a project that shares the stories of 9 communities in Toronto.

Logo_OntarioWith the support of the support of the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Heritage Toronto is delighted to bring you the stories of our city’s diverse immigrant communities.

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Toronto’s Heritage of Diversity: An Introduction to the Stories

Community Stories

East to West: Chinese Heritage in Toronto
從東方到西方: 多倫多的中國文化遺産
Storytellers: Arlene Chan
Masters in Toronto: Hong Luck Kung Fu Club
多倫多的功夫大師: 康樂武館

Our Memories are Here: Italian Heritage in Toronto
I nostri ricordi sono qui: Il Patrimonio Culturale Italiano a Toronto
Italian Canadians or Italians living in Canada: Fascism in Toronto during the 1930s
Italo-canadesi o italiani che vivono in Canada?: Il fascismo a Toronto negli anni 30
“Siamo Number One!”: The Soccer Game that  changed Toronto
“Siamo Number One!”: Il calcio che ha cambiato Toronto

Staying On: Korean Heritage in Toronto
Alpha Korean United Church: Faith and Community
Korean Canadian Women’s Association: Families and Friends
캐나다 한인여성회: 가족과 친구

Pakistani Heritage in Toronto: Faith and Family
ٹورانٹو میں پاکستانی ورثہ فیتھ اینڈ فیملی
Lahore Tikka House: The Journey
لاہور تکہ ہاؤس ایک سفر
Islamic Foundation of Toronto: A New Beginning, A New Home
اِسلامک فاؤنڈیشن آف ٹورانٹو ایک نئی ابتدا، ایک نیاگھ

A New Beginning: Filipino Heritage in Toronto
Isang Bagong Simulain: Pamanang Pilipino sa Toronto 
New Horizon: The Silayan Community Centre
Bagong Abot-tanaw: The Silayan Community Centre
Extended Family: Filipino Caregivers in Toronto
Karagdagang Pamilya: Mga Pilipinong Tagapag-alaga sa Toronto

The Sun Rises for Everyone: Portuguese Heritage in Toronto
O Sol Nasce para Todos: Património Português em Toronto
The Price of Prosperity: Portuguese Labourers in Toronto
O Preço da Prosperidade: Trabalhadores Portugueses em Toronto
From Minho to Macau: The Portuguese Canadian Historical Museum
Do Minho para Macau: O Canadian Portuguese Historical Museum

Cornerstones: Orthdox Russians in Toronto
Краеугольных камня: православные русские в Торонто
A Landmark of Culture and Faith: The Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church of Toronto
Свято-Троицкой Русской Православной Церкви
Russian Canadian Cultural Aid Society: Community Spaces
Русское культурно-просветительное общество

Here and There: Hispanic Heritage in Toronto
Aquí y allá: La herencia hispanica en Toronto
Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples: A Community’s Engine
Centro para Gente de Habla Hispana: El motor de la comunidad
Fiesta Hispanica: From Vision to Reality
Fiesta Hispánica: De la visión a la realidad

New Beginnings: Tamil Heritage in Toronto
புதிய தொடக்கங்கள்:  ரொறன்ரோவில் தமிழ்ப் பாரம்பரியம்
Roots and Branches: The Tamil Eelam Society of Canada
வேர்களும் கிளைகளும்: கனடாத் தமிழ் ஈழச் சங்கம்

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