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The first Koreans arrived in Toronto in the 1960s. Sponsored by Christian missions, young Korean church leaders were sent to study theology at the University of Toronto. A number of these students decided to remain in Canada after they finished their studies. Settling in the Annex and Bloor West area, this early group of Korean immigrants—known as the “Canadian Christians”—supported and sponsored the immigration of many others after them, igniting a mass migration in the following decades of Koreans of different faiths and political beliefs.

Today, the 120,000+ Korean community is one of the largest cultural groups in the Toronto area.

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Summer 2017

Hear stories about the first Korean immigrants that came to Toronto and the experiences of the Korean community today. Get an in depth look at how Koreatown has developed, the role of arts and cuisine, and the importance of entrepreneurship for many Korean immigrants in the 1980s and 1990s.

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