State of Heritage Report 2015



The 2015 State of Heritage Report was released on February 24, 2015. To access the 2015 State of Heritage Report click here.

The purpose of the State of Heritage Report is to:

  • provide a picture of the current state of heritage in Toronto;
  • lay out goals for strengthening the heritage sector and its four pillars of natural, architectural, cultural and archaeological heritage;
  • provide recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, senior staff and decision makers to improve resource allocation within the sector (including financial resources, human resources, and the resource of political will).

The 2015 State of Heritage Report was released by Heritage Toronto and the Toronto Historical Association with thanks to generous support from The McLean Foundation.


obIn 2001, Heritage Toronto presented a report to City Council that provided a detailed overview of the activities, struggles, and frustrations of heritage professionals and volunteers at that time. The report, which was widely circulated for input within the heritage community, provided an analysis of these issues, and made a series of recommendations on how to improve heritage management in the city.

HV imageIn 2010, Heritage Toronto put together a “Heritage Voices” report that provided a summary of consultations and highlighted the major themes and recommendations that arose from these discussions. It also provided comment on the improvements or similarities with the recommendations made by Heritage Toronto in its 2001 “Report Card on Heritage”. You can view previous reports below.
Heritage Voices Report – 2010
Observations on the State of Heritage – 2001



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