State of Heritage Report 2019


On February 21, Heritage Toronto releases its State of Heritage Report, following a year of research, consultations, and engagement with 58 community organizations and over 500 members of the general public. The Report provides 17 recommendations on how to better promote and protect Toronto’s heritage. You can read the report by clicking here or on the cover.

Although the Report identifies a number of strong examples of successful heritage work, it also describes an overall sense of public discouragement at the continued slow pace of heritage protection and, in some cases, the outright refusal of private and public leaders to recognize and integrate heritage into their plans.

Heritage is everywhere. It is a lens through which we can understand our past and plan for the future. It is our hope that you will read this Report and take inspiration from the good work underway throughout the city.

If you have any questions about the report, please contact our Director of Programming, Kaitlin Wainwright at 416-338-0681 or by email at

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