State of Heritage Report 2019

Heritage is everywhere. It is a lens through which we can understand our past and plan for the future. Every election year, Heritage Toronto takes stock of the state of Toronto’s heritage and produces a report on how well the city is preserving and celebrating cultural, natural, and physical heritage.

Our 2015 report focused on governance, regulations, resource management and awareness, collections, and education. Today, we’re not only assessing how far we’ve come in those areas, but we’re specifically looking at how heritage connects with other aspects of society. How does heritage fit in to inclusive city building in 2018? Which stories from our past need to be better amplified? How can the city better preserve the things we care about, whether they’re cultural spaces or physical structures? And what about the idea of a Museum of Toronto? We are asking you, Toronto: What is the future of our past?

We’ll post progress reports and updates on this page, including some of the interesting and surprising stats gathered from our survey and through our research. The report will be released in early 2019, with important and achievable recommendations aimed at the newly elected Mayor & City Council, as well as other policymakers in the city.

August 2018 Update:

Our first public town hall was a great success! Thank you to all who came out to share your thoughts on Heritage. The presentation which was given at the event (“Taking the Pulse of Heritage”) can be viewed in PDF form here.

Our public survey has just closed, with just under 400 respondents. We are currently processing and analyzing all of the interesting and wonderful responses for use in the report. If you have more to say, please send your thoughts to, with the subject line “State of Heritage Comments and Feedback”.

Questions? Ideas? Get in touch with us at or call 416-338-0684.

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