Heritage Primer Series

Heritage Primer is a series of five public events to build appreciation for and understanding of heritage practices in Toronto.

Heritage Primer is supported by:
At Aird & Berlis LLP, we are known for our practical, creative and cost-effective approach to navigating Ontario’s heritage legislation regime and resolving the legal challenges it presents. We advise our clients on all aspects of the Ontario Heritage Act, providing a sound understanding of their obligations and opportunities under that Act.
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Upcoming Events


What We Cannot See – Intangible Heritage

This workshop will explore how we create heritage that cannot be seen or held, but is experiential and rooted in traditions.

Built Heritage

A panel will provide perspectives from the different institutions that are involved in built heritage policy, in the volunteer sector, the legal sector, the development sector, and the municipal/provincial government.

To Conserve and Protect – Heritage Restoration and Conservation in Toronto

This event will begin with a 90-minute interior tour and talk of a recently conserved building, showing in detail the best practices applied to the site. Those wishing to will then attend a half-day bus tour showcasing strong examples of conservation in Toronto.

Past Events

Short Storeys – What is heritage?

Image: Alex Willms

This afternoon session, which took place November 12, 2016, showcased five different perspectives on what heritage is, and how we define it.

Understanding Toronto through Archaeology

Image of 5 speakers

L-R: Annie Veilleux, Holly Martelle, Peter Popkin, Michael Carter, John Lorinc (morning speakers), Image: Alex Willms

A great success, this all-day event took place on February 11. We thank the sold-out audience of 200 participants, our event partner the City of Toronto Historic Sites, and our speakers.