Types of Plaques

For nearly half a century, key people, places and events of this city’s past have been officially remembered through historical plaques and markers placed on buildings and in public spaces.

Century House Plaque closeup

Century House Plaques: 

The Century House program offers Torontonians who own houses built 100 or more years ago the chance to apply for a custom-made historical marker commemorating their property’s longevity. Click here for more info about Century House plaques and to apply.



Heritage Property Plaques: 

Bronze Heritage Property Plaques recognize properties listed or designated under the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register. These plaques interpret Toronto’s built heritage. To find out if a building is listed, visit the Heritage Preservation Services property search database. Click here to apply for a Heritage Property Plaque.




Commemorative Plaques:

Heritage Toronto Commemorative Plaques tell the stories of important people and events in Toronto’s history, where they happen. In 2012, Heritage Toronto unveiled plaques to commemorate the original site of the Ontario Veterinary College on Temperance Street; the first Grey Cup at Rosedale Field in 1909; and Scadding Cabin, Toronto’s oldest surviving building. Click here to apply for a Heritage Property Plaque

legacy_normanbethuneToronto Legacy Plaques: 

In 2009, Heritage Toronto and the Toronto Legacy Project, inaugurated a  line of historical plaques modeled on the famous “Blue Plaques” of London, England. These elegantly designed plaques recognize Toronto’s greats by indicating where they lived or worked. Together they give passers-by a greater appreciation for the fact that Toronto has been home to some of our country’s most accomplished artists, thinkers, scientists, athletes, and leaders of many kinds. More info about the Toronto Legacy Plaques can be found here.