On the (Toronto) Waterfront

Originally posted June 4, 2008.

Our waterfront is on the tips of people’s tongues lately, with the proposed dismantling of the eastern Gardiner Expressway and the plans for a Toronto Museum. With all this focus on the waterfront’s future, now is the time to take scope of its past.

In recent months, Waterfront Toronto has implemented a comprehensive Archaeological Conservation and Management Strategy (ACMS) to protect and interpret the archaeological record of the waterfront. The Strategy is being undertaken by Archaeological Services Inc., and will guide and define the planning process for waterfront land, preserving and documenting archaeological resources, and exploring opportunities for bringing new archaeological interpretive concepts to an area undergoing revitalization.

Look for more news here soon on waterfront developments, including our speaker for this year’s William Kilbourn Memorial Lecture, Waterfront Toronto’s John Campbell.

Photo courtesy of Waterfront Toronto.

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