Leaside 100 Committee

2013 Heritage Toronto Awards Nominee

Community Heritage

Leaside 100 Logo

The Leaside 100 Committee was established in 2012 to plan a series of events with the community in celebration of the neighbourhood’s incorporation as a town in 1913. The centennial celebration in April 2013 included walking tours, a commemorative plaque unveiling, school events, scavenger hunts and a Gala. At the centre of the activities was an archival exhibit – “The Layers of Leaside” – which traced the history of the Town’s industrial and railway roots through six key historical layers of settlement. Originally presented at the Leaside Public Library, the exhibit has since travelled to other venues, as well as being available on the Leaside 100 website.


Photo by Louis Godfrey Photography for Heritage Toronto

The Community Heritage award is open to one volunteer community-based organization in each of the four Community Council areas as defined by Toronto City Council. The organization must be currently active, and have either initiated or completed a significant activity that promotes, protects or preserves cultural or natural heritage in its specific Community Council Area or across the wider City of Toronto. This is a cash award and no organization is eligible to receive it more than once every five years. This particular nominee falls within the North York Community Council Area.


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