Doris Anderson

Doris Anderson, courtesy Rogers Media

Doris Anderson, courtesy Rogers Media

Doris Anderson was a journalist, author, and champion of women’s rights. While editor of Chatelaine from 1957 to 1977, Anderson wrote critical editorials about divorce, abortion, birth control, and child welfare. With a readership of one in every three Canadian women, Chatelaine led nation-wide conversations about diverse issues affecting women. Despite her success and influence, Anderson earned less than half the salary of her male predecessor. In 1974, she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada for her contributions to publishing and to public affairs.

“What I wanted more than anything was to be able to look after myself and make sure that every other woman in the world could do the same.”

After leaving Chatelaine, Anderson was appointed chair of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women. The Council was created to advise the federal government, and to educate the public about women’s issues. Anderson resigned as chair in 1981, when government interference resulted in the cancellation of the National Conference on Women and the Constitution. She continued lobbying to guarantee gender equality under sections 15 and 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In 2002, she was promoted to Companion of the Order of Canada for her leadership as a passionate champion of women’s right and equality.

Doris- Editorial Signature -  Courtesy of Rogers Media

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