Apply for a Heritage Toronto Century House plaque

heritage toronto century house

Courtesy: Josh McKellar

The Century House program offers Torontonians who own houses built 100 or more years ago the chance to apply for a custom-made historical marker commemorating their property’s longevity.

Each Century House plaque is made of durable enamel and measures 11 ¼ inches x 9 ¾ inches. In addition to highlighting your property as a centenarian, the plaque also doubles as a street address marker.

A fee of $250, payable to Heritage Toronto, covers the research, fabrication, and shipment of the plaque to your home within six to eight weeks.

Please note, however, that receiving a Century House plaque does not mean your house will be listed or designated on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register. All Century House plaques are issued at the discretion of Heritage Toronto.

This historical marker will serve as official recognition of your home’s contribution to the establishment of your community and to the built heritage of the city of Toronto.

(Click here to download a paper application form)

If you have any questions, contact Heritage Toronto’s Plaques Coordinator, Chris Bateman, at 416-392-3996 or at

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