Cabbagetown Preservation Association

2013 Heritage Toronto Awards Nominee

Cabbagetown Preservation Association LogoThe Cabbagetown Preservation Association

Community Heritage

was established in 1989 as a volunteer organization to promote the neighbourhood’s heritage. Originally focused largely on the conservation of the area’s Victorian housing and historic character, the Association has since developed rich local history programming. Most recently, its Cabbagetown People Program has documented the lives of more than forty influential Canadians who once called Cabbagetown home. That research has been developed into a comprehensive series of plaques that recognize each individual at the site of their former residence, as well as walking tours, teacher and student resources integrated into the curriculum (and also produced in French), and a promotional DVD.


Photo by Louis Godfrey Photography for Heritage Toronto

The Community Heritage award is open to one volunteer community-based organization in each of the four Community Council areas as defined by Toronto City Council. The organization must be currently active, and have either initiated or completed a significant activity that promotes, protects or preserves cultural or natural heritage in its specific Community Council Area or across the wider City of Toronto. This is a cash award and no organization is eligible to receive it more than once every five years. This particular nominee falls within the Toronto and East York Community Council Area.



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